MyPass Venezia_loads of services in one App

MyPass Venezia allows payment and direct access to the affiliated structures, without barriers, check-out counters or cash. Consequently you can access, pay and exit the parking lot of Venice Marco Polo Airport with only one tap on the phone, visit the churches of Venice, buy tickets for concerts by Interpreti Veneziani and skip the line at Casa Tre Oci.

Save time and money: you can access all the participating structures by skipping the queue, with special prices reserved for MyPass users.

Goodbye cash: register, enter your credit card and forget your wallet at home. We generate a dynamic QRCode that allows you to pay with a tap.

Secure and impenetrable: credit card data are secure because they are encrypted with the iFrame technology of Banca Sella and managed by the banking gateway.

MyPass Venice is:

Access the Marco Polo Airport Car Park with a worry-free tap. The app will calculate the amount even when closed. Pay with a tap on your phone, avoid the cash desk and in seconds you'll be out of the parking lot

We give you more time to devote to your passions. Pay with a simple tap on the phone. Save your queue at the checkouts. Special prices for MyPass users. Access to the most beautiful exhibitions of Casa Tre Oci in Venice

Buy tickets to attend concerts of Vivaldi's music and the Baroque period. Easily find the date and the concert you are interested in. Buy tickets from your smartphone. Enjoy the event in the magnificent setting of the Church of San Vidal

Discover the precious treasures of the magnificent churches of Venice. Find interesting elements of each church easily. Use geolocation to see the ones closest to you. Take into account those already visited. Special price for Mypass users is applied

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