- CENART Mexico City 2 June 2017

The Venetian chamber group, Interpreti Veneziani, closed the "Camaríssima 2017. Sonoridades" series, with a concert that surprised the audience that gathered on Friday night in the auditorium Blas Galindo of the National Center for the Arts Cenart). Under the direction of the harpsichordist Paolo Cognolato, the Italian ensemble who showed virtuosity, emotion and variety on the stage, started the performance with "Concerto grosso para violins, cello, strings and harpsichord Op. 4 ", by Arcangelo Corelli (1653-1713).

The violinists Federico Braga, Anania Maritan, Giovanni Agazzi, Pietro Talamini and Giacobbe Stevanato, as well as Sonia Amadio (viola), Davide Amadio (cello) and Angelo Liziero (cello) received the audience's ovation at different times of the concer. The violinist Giovanni Agazzi and the cellist Davide Amadio offered one of the most emotional moments when performing "Concerto for violin, cello, strings and harpsichord RV. 544, "Il Proteo o sia il mondo al rovescio ", by the Italian composer Antonio Vivaldi. In addition to masterfully performing the cello, Davide Amadio included body movements and facial expression that confirmed his passion for music, which the public thanked with cheers.

Other pieces that they executed were "Sinfonía n. 10 for strings ", by German Felix Mendelssohn," Ciaccona for violin and strings " by Tommaso Vitali, and "Une Larme para violonchelo y cuerdas" by Gioachino Rossini. In the three decades since the ensemble was founded, Interpreti Veneziani has performed in Italy summing more than 60 thousand yearly spectators; in addition to that it has recorded several CD's with different labels, among them InVeNiceSound, with whom they have 19 productions, besides participation in different festivales in Prague, Stockholm, Osaka and Tokyo.


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- In Japan the Momiji season begins with Interpreti Veneziani

With the month of October, in Japan, the Momiji season begins: it is a celebration of the changing season, the colours of the falling leaves as beautiful and celebrated as the cherry flowers in the spring (Sakura). For 22 years, Interpreti Veneziani have been playing Vivaldi's Autumn, and much more, in the first week of October, in Tokyo and other cities. Interpreti Veneziani, the Venice-based baroque ensemble, have been performing for 30 years now. Maestro Paolo Cognolato says: "In the last few years we have created an annual festival of 5 concerts in the first week of October, with a remarkable increase in the audience that regularly visits us in Venice: 320 concerts a year in the church of San Vidal (permanent seat of the concert season) in Campo Santo Stefano, with an average of 72 thousand people attending our concerts each year. Almost all of our performances concern baroque music - continues - and Antonio Vivaldi in particular, but the repertoire is wider and includes composers less known to the wide public or yet unpublished compositions, all played with prestigious, ancient instruments dating back to the XVIII century". "I am very proud to bring Interpreti Veneziani to Japan," says organizer Yasuko Ishikawa. "The Japanese audience is really fascinated by the quality of their music and their intensly passionate performances." For the 30 year-anniversary of the ensemble, a celebratory plaque was exhibited in the foyer of Kioi Hall in Tokyo, with a message from the president of the Italian-Japan Foundation, Umberto Vattani, to the "wonderful artists of the Italian genius, able to revive the great masterpieces of Venice's music and art ". Printed on the showroom and on display some works by Luca Ciuffoletti - a violinist, painter and musician of philosophy: just back to Japan from a series of exhibitions in Italy, Ciuffoletti has recently driven his research into complex translations of music in pictorial language. For the occasion, he presented four compositions inspired by Bach, but in the chromatic choices they recall the four seasons. In honor of Interpreti Venezian's Autumn by Vivaldi.

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