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Interpreti Veneziani are the creatores of the Music Museum that took like in 2001 thanks to the collaboration of the collector M° Artemio Versari and Robert De Pieri, founder of the disco graphic label of Rivo Alto.

The Music Museum is an exhibition dedicated to one of the artistic demonstrations that highlighted the Italian culture: the liuteria (the making of musical instruments).

Venice, the city where the demonstrations take place, has been the “storage” of important instrument constructers, particularly for violins. Its craftsmen were excellent n the experimenting and production of musical instruments that were continuously worked and progressed on until responding in an optimal way to the needs of the sonority that was slowly defining those days.

Throughout the Music Museum, Interpreti Veneziani narrates the ‘700’s, that represented the highest epoch of liuteria. It is, in fact, the decade that goes through the achievement of the Cremonese School, that later became and remained, for today’s public, as a referring point for the construction of strings instruments.

The exhibition of “Antonio Vivaldi e il suo tempo”, which is lodged by the splendid Church of San Maurizio, has the goal to relive the sound of musical instruments, such as Amati, Guadagnini and Goffriller, in an environment of beauty and history, creating a moment of absolute perfection.

Inside, an updated and abundant CD-Bookshop allows all visitors to learn more about worldwide musical productions.

The Music Museum of Venice organizes guided visits, free of charge, around the Schools of the city, areas visited by students of any age.

This is the tribute of the Interpreti Veneziani in the city of Venice.

The Music Museum is open every day from 10 am to 7 pm.

Free Entrance.

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Strumenti italiani nei secoli
Il Museo della Musica (The Museum of Music) is an exhibition dedicated to one of the artistic expressions that has enriched Italian culture. The making of stringed, wind, and plucked instruments has been a popular art in Italy since 1500 and many great instruments have been produced and admired over time.

Our aim has been to give life to a wide informative event that, at the same time, helps to emphasise the enormous Italian cultural heritage. Our willing commitment to put together such a wide collection of instruments pays homage to the city of Venice and its centuries of culture, together with a significant contribution to tourism for a city so unique and beautiful that it appeals to men and women all over the world.

We have chosen to further enrich the beauty of Venice by means of an exhibition that gives the general public access to the heart of our private collection including numerous superb masterpieces of Italian violin making. Works from the principal Italian violin making schools are included, gathering together examples from the most brilliant and creative moments of their history. Some of the masterpieces produced by Italian manufacturers have not been left out either, with examples of valuable and rare plucked and wind instruments.

Il Museo della Musica savours the friendship and support of the intense and dynamic artistic experience of the Interpreti Veneziani, including Paolo Cognolato, and the Amadio family who, as part of this group, were at the heart of this artistic experience. After much collaboration, our heartfelt thanks also go to them for the possibility to use such sumptuously elegant and prestigious surroundings.

Our sincere hope is that visitors don't only limit themselves to observe and appreciate musical instruments. If they return home preserving, in their minds and in their hearts, the artistic expression and genuine character of the masters that styled the various instruments, we could say that our objectives have been reached.

Artemio Versari

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