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Venice is the only city in the world that can never be confused with others. It has developed according to a genetic code written beyond time. Today, Venice can still seem as it once was, made of gold and Istrian stone.

Its monumental rooms continue to watch over the talent, creativity and genius of the artists united here for ever by destiny.

Over the centuries, the Republic of Serenissima was an incredible laboratory of art.

Exceptional minds designed and built noble mansions and churches; expert hands frescoed interiors destined to house exquisite paintings; lute-makers fabricated violins, violas da gamba; symphonies, operas and cantatas were performed in salons, theatres and throughout the city's other venues.

Particularly in the closing centuries, music became the soundtrack to the everyday life which proudly unfolded in a glorification of itself.

Then became the dark centuries. The material structure of architecture and painting allowed them to stand up to the passage of time, but music, made of vibration, vanished into the air, deserting Venice for an unknown destination.

The "Violini a Venezia" concert season of Interpreti Veneziani aims to bring harmony, new and old, back to the splendid venues which have remained, to revive the sound of some of the prestigious instruments, true works of arts, in settings charged with history and beauty.

That is how the baroque music and Vivaldi's notes come back together in sacred places, such as San Vidal, where they were once born.

A meeting between music and other muses successfully create a moment of perfection, born by the symbiosis of two elements which seem made for each other. Whoever you are and wherever you come from, welcome to the "city of harmony".

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concert season
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